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Plague and Locusts 2020. October. Pierre Ajavon

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Covid-19 Incident, Pierre Ajavon. 2020.

Pierre Ajavon is a visual artist, composer & musician. He lives in Paris and exhibits internationally. After sociology studies focused on psychedelic culture, he embarked on a long musical journey as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He moved into video art when he saw the possibility of bringing the sound and moving image together. He specialized in researching sound visualizing via Pop imagery. Mixing electronic music, psychedelic rock and field recording for his musical research. Intending to “film sound” and transform it into pictures, his approach strive to hinge his musical thought on postmodern visual aesthetics which draw its references both on psychoanalysis (dream and subconscious) and the surrealist and pop-art artistic movements. The images are digitally manipulated, superimposed and degraded to be pushed to their margins. He produced many experimental short films which he filmed, edited, and designed the music production. Since 2015, He expanded his research by using video frames to create digital works on aluminium & plexiglas. Indeed, he redefined the dialogue between sound and moving pictures by developing a triangulation incorporating a still image.

"My work is generally based on images shot during my travels and trips outside Paris, often motivated by my participation in festivals or exhibitions abroad during which I can both discover the work of many artists and make encounters that feed my artistic approach. The fact of not being able to move easily is therefore a brake that forces me to rethink my work. The conditions are different but do not impact my pace of work. The first 2 weeks of the lockdown, I was lost, I could no longer work, I saw all the events canceled one after the other and I said to myself what was the point of continuing ... After this period, I returned to work seeing the energy deployed by the organizers of artistic events to continue to bring the work of artists to life online.

The introspective character linked to creation remains intact and allows to preserve a certain distance in the face of events. I really think that the means of disseminating art will evolve and transform because it is also a question of survival so that art keeps its impact and a decisive place in society. This event marks the beginning of a new era, of a different relationship to the world and to others. This new world is being written before our eyes and we must do everything possible to ensure that art occupies a prominent place in it."

Covid-19 Incident, Still. Pierre Ajavon. 2020.