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Plague and Locusts 2020: Carlotta Storelli

Updated: Feb 1

International and interdisciplinary artist, she studies theater, dance and art. She is dedicated to interdisciplinary language research as an interpreter, choreographer and pedagogue. Born in Switzerland on April 4, 1990, in the city of Locarno where she receives her baccalaureate at the CSIA school. After graduating she moved to Spain where she studied interpretation at the Higher School of Arts and TAI. At the same time, she was trained in the body language diploma. at the Labaniano Center ALFA INSTITUT with the teacher Mercedes Ridocci and specializes in didactics and pedagogy of the corporal expression in the Laban techniques in the Schinca studio with the Teacher Marta Schinca.

Carlotta is training in contemporary dance, butoh, contact, improvisation and interdisciplinary techniques among her teachers we can cite Camille Hanson, Alejandra Hilmer, Viviana Bovino, Valerie Prestondant, Iris Muñoz, Jonatan Martineau, Nunzia Tirelli, Giuseppe Stella, Agustin Belluci , Ali Curtis- Jones and many others. She participates in several theater companies such as Residui Teatro, 23 reasons, Jorge Calvo, Brokenhaus, among others. She performs several solo performances and is accompanied by Spanish, Danish and Swiss festivals, with artists such as Pedro Alba, Abajo izquierda and Ariella Vidach. In 2014 he founded the company Inervo with Roció Pin art with which she produces three long and several short works, which see all the dance, theater and plastic arts together.

Air Prohibido is a video virtual performance created in the time of COVID.

This audiovisual project is developed by the need to continue creating during the state of confinement that occurred in Madrid during Covid-19. She tries to translate the company's staged and choreographic composition into a new format, transforming the domestic space into staging. With this proposal we want to transform the state of seclusion into visual poetry and give hope to the viewer.

Aire Prohibido. Carlotta Storelli, 2020.

"In this piece we [attempt] to work on performance, dance and theater, elaborating synergies with the

audiovisual element. We try to find a way in which the performative does not lose its essence by becoming digital, experimenting with the limits of the spatial context and technological resources"

- Carlotta Storelli


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