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Meet Eva Rudlinger

Updated: 7 days ago

Eva Rudlinger is a participant of Ephemereye's Plague & Locusts 2020 virtual show. Eva is a practising artist based in London. She holds an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Viewer, Eva Rudlinger, 2020.

My work shows a concern with physical elements and their inherent nature to interact or change over time. Using a wide range of processes to explore perceptions of time, space and scale. I see an important place in art that exercises an act of discovery, similar to science function of understanding things, including ourselves.

My first involvement with video art took place as part of an artist residency project in Iceland. Inspired by changing physical topographies and the dramas of light during walks. Since then my relationship with video making is constantly emerging in conjunction with the materials and processes explored in my practice.

Points of view 3 acts, Eva Rudlinger, 2020.

I experienced the restrictions of lockdown partly as an opportunity to reflect on recent work. Concluding a long going series and further developing new ideas.

Six Variations, Eva Rudlinger, 2020.

Paradoxically as things shut down around town and external distractions diminished, a curiously microcosmic world seemed to open up. A kind of sharpening of the mind to the immediate possibility of the present. I also went through phases of intense visual and emotional recollections of places and past events.

Focal, Eva Rudlinger, 2020.

I wish that some of the positives of lockdown, like cleaner air and a more sustainable way of life, work and the environment would continue. Perhaps these challenging times further open the boundaries between art and life with creativity taking place in new and unexpected ways.


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