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Plague and Locusts 2020. August. Featured Artists: Anne Urik.

Anna Urik. © Anna Urik. Courtesy of the artist.

A photographer and a filmmaker, Anna Urik was born in Prague. Since 2009, after completing her degree at the Goldsmiths, she is based in London, and works and exhibits internationally.

"I've made a short video during the lockdown to make some sort of sense out the emotional rollercoaster we all been feeling." - Anna Urik.

Reset London, 2020. © Anna Urik.

Anna, works as a fashion photographer, takes part in film festivals and London Fashion Week. She has published in various publications: Sukeban, Liike, Contributor, Kunst , Hunger, Kaltblut, Huf Magazine, 1883 Magazine, Trip Magazine, the 405, and more.