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Trend or Metamorphosis

The shift that is happening in the art now is both predictable and predicted. In the search of new forms of expression and making, Digital has emerged as the medium of our time. Dismissed and patronised by the traditionalists as it may have been, it only had about 60 years of history. In the grand scheme of things this fact places it somewhere at its dawn comparing with the other forms. It is however a harbinder of the new world -- fluid, transient, fleeting and contemporary, the world that doesn't thrive on the fundamentals, but rather on mutability and adaptability. A moment. Or repurposing of such.

Christian Marclay The Clock 10h15 Nuit Blanche théâtre de Chaillot.

But contrary to the Goethe's moment: "Beautiful moment, do not pass away", the moment of our day is accepted for its essence. It's not being held, just captured, and unlike a captured butterfly it lives on, on the screens around the world.

"[Christian] Marclay's credo is to take “images and sounds that we’re all familiar with and reorganize them in a way that is unfamiliar”* is characteristic of art of any era, but what's happening in our society now adds an extra twist: while observing the work of art, we recognize that unfamiliar is not in the assembly line, but in the eyes of the beholder, and if this eye remains open and alert, the other point of view or perception is exactly that the viewer is after. More and more habitual and recognizable loses all the underlying meaning, as it is based on the obsolete set of values, another world that doesn't exist any more but in appropriated and reassembled. bits and pieces. Such was the nature of postmodernism, which in turn dissolved into components, even finer blocks for the art assembly line of metamodernism.

Frames of old films, recordings of everyday witnessing, tweets and screen captures, things that are here today but won't be tomorrow, technologically enhanced personal experiences are emerging in the the flow of video art today. Virtualization of existence ricocheted into yet another growing trend - real-life experience creation, installation, participatory art, actionism, and performance.

In other words, integration of new reality as a collection of fragments emerging out of the dissolving old order that is no more. Is it an artifice of smoke and mirrors, the ready-mades of our time or the only possible image of the world?