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Save the date! Moving Silently 2019

Our show Moving Silently that premiered at The Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont, CA is being transferred to The Empress theatre in Vallejo, where it will take part in the Silent Film Series (launched in 2018) in July of 2019. More updates are coming soon.


Adrian Regnier Chavez, Eija Temisevä, Ilaria Pezone, Lorenzo Papanti, Lydia Gyurina, Pierre Ajavon, Joanne Alvis, Crystel Egal, Yoon Suokwon, Anabela Costa, Andrew McDonald, Tony Buchen & Jeralyn Goodwin, Ann Grim, Gala Mirissa, Vanja Karas, India Roper-Evans, John Longenbaugh, Karolyn Schwab, Katherine Sweetman, Veronica Shimanovskaya, Marc Dixon & Dennis Gaines, Matteo Campulla, Mladen Stropnik, Natalia Jezova, Robert Ladislas Derr, Sandrine Deumier, Susana Sanroman, Tina Sulc, and Laura Cohen.

Curated by Veronica Shimanovskaya, DFA.

A few excerpts from the Essanay run can be viewed here; there will be a few modification done to fit to festival schedule, as the live music accompaniment may also be different. Music: Judy Rosenberg.

Digital sculpture. © Bucken & Goodwin.

Bucket. @ Andrew McDonald.

Con lievi mani. © Ilaria Pezone.

La Fuga U. @ Adrian Regnier.

Crystalis. © Susana Sanroman

Out to lunch. @ Matteo Campulla

Ideological latent. Still lives. @ Suokwon Yoon

Amarcord. @ Natalya Jezova

Tampering. @ Veronica Shimanovskaya

Cubes. @ Mark Dixon & Dennis Canes

It's like travelling back in time. @ Kathrine Sweetham

Malaise. @ Lydia Gyurina

Borderline. @ Lorenzo Papanti

Borderline. @ John Longenbaugh

Mirror. @ Karolin Schwab

Emoji. @ Joann Alvis

And suddenly you realize... @ Eija Temisevä