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Art and Technology

According to Sophie Atkinson writing for "Video art is often considered impenetrably abstract and far beyond the comprehension of everyday art-lovers," but is it really? And who are these proverbial art lovers? Is their world is changing or staying still? Is video art any more abstract than some other works of contemporary artists, or it varies just as much as any work of each and every artist in each and every genre?

Video art is only about sixty years old, but from its early days it evolves together with technology. Just as oil painting opened the whole new era in painting technique, and photography slashed open the boundaries of art, video brings yet another set of instruments to the forever expanding artist studios around the world. Of course, not everybody will become a video artist, but as technology becomes ubiquitous, more and more people can.

Technology helps bridging the gaps in literary and museum studies, art history and conservation, and brings art to everybody's daily life. Video becomes the most accessible and democratic tool for art making. Certainly, mastery comes with experience, but statistically more people carry smartphone then a paint brush.

Selfies, landscapes, objects, collages, portraits, club scenes, documentation, recorded performance, abstraction, and the rest of it...

As for experience... as any art making it comes with practice.