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Year End

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We hope your year was good! We know your year was good! We know it because we all learned a few new things, or many new things, and living through new things is good. Even if they are bad. It is like making art – you do some things and they can be good for your piece or bad for your piece, but you end up having a great piece, as, despite or because of these things you went through the process, you underwent, and you experienced, and then you shared, and that is good. And, whether it was something you hoped for or not, you do it again with new insights, and new inspiration.

We are grateful that some of these things we've done together. The The Vallejo in Motion Series was launched in May 2018 in collaboration with The Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve;

Vallejo in Motion. May 2018. In Situ. Darcie O'Brien, Thomas Wojak, TJ Walkup, Veronica Shimanovskaya, Dorothy Herger.

The Moving Silently international video art exhibition had a successful showing at The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum,

accompanied by a Black and White show in the neighboring FAA Gallery.

Moving Silently. November 16, 2018. In situ.

We were privileged to feature quite a few video artists from around the globe. Kgaugelo Rakgwale, Yun Suok - Won, Lorenzo Papanti, Lydia Gyurina, Sandrine Deumier, Ilaria Pezone, Pierre Ajavon, Eija Temisevã, and many more. Just browse our posts and articles and enjoy the work.

We are grateful that you are reading this, and we are grateful that you helped us to share your work with the world this year. We would like you to stay with us for years to come.

A new Artist Call will be announced soon after the holidays. As a sneak peek, we can only tell you that it is of course a moving image, and it will be related to the Persian Classics Shahnameh.

Illustration to Shahnameh. White Div. Fragment.

Our Digital platform is being built and rolling out features daily. Yes, we will have advertising on our pages soon, but this will help support our work, and should help you participate in our new shows, and connect with other artists and other venues.

With this, we wish you the happiest of holidays! Love and peace, and see you next year!


©2018 by ephemereye