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Art is in the air. Local Connections.

"Art exists to detox life"

- Bill Viola

­The idea is not to become a ‘Museum of 100 Days', or even 1000 days; we aspire to be a perpetual museum of art as it is being born; not only for professional and dedicated artists, but also for people who were brave enough to venture into the unknown by simply making art, and by staying open to the new. That is why we like to partner with local communities and bring art to the streets of the town.

In preparation for our Moving Silently exhibition in Niles, we have begun such a collaboration with the Fremont Art Association (FAA), which has its headquarters on the same street as the Essanay Museum: Niles Boulevard. In response to the theme of the Ephemerye video art show at the Essanay, FAA will be having a Black & White exhibition in traditional media, presenting the work of artists inspired by the theme of the call. The exhibition will include paintings, drawings, ceramics, quilt work, and more. Artist imagination soars to... the interstellar limits of black and white.

Further announcements will be made on the time of the show, but it is expected to coincide with the Moving Silently Show in November, and become a true celebration of art.