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Sandrine Deumier

Although the key word in ‘video art’ is 'video', there is no exhaustive list of possible applications of the medium, and its interactions with physical world. Sandrine Deumier's work opens various topics of discussion, from application of modern technology in art to the very nature of art. Computer-generated 3D animation of female, androgynous, or robotic bodies triggers the brain, ever preoccupied with pattern creation, to find other visual and sensory points of reference: Hieronymus Bosch, fantasy computer games, and cybernetic eroticism.

It also brings attention to the fact that a mere screen is not enough for showing modern media work, and this is yet another distinction that makes it so different from film. Sandrine's work is shown as an installation, a technology-aided sculpture, adding yet another dimension to her paradoxically visceral machine-enhanced creations.

An author, video artist and performer, with dual training in philosophy and art, Sandrine Deumier is preoccupied with the way "reality transfers via unconscious thought structures." Her work consists mainly of texts, digital poetry, multimedia installations, and audiovisual performances in collaboration with musicians and composers.

Affordable Dreams 01, 2017. © Sandrine Duemier

"Through the apparent variety of cybernetic bodies, the series Affordable Dreams presents fictional variations of the state of consciousness. In this dehumanized dream world, connected or/ and augmented bodies stretch out [of] desirous objects to turn out to be just the reflection of their own affective machines. This reflection is perhaps none other than a different states of human being." - from Sandrine’s artist statement.

Sandrine exhibits internationally. Her work Uncanny Possibilities will be shown at Ephemereye's Moving Silently show in November 2018.