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Ilaria Pezone

Just as painting covers a multitude of genres and styles, without ceasing to be painting, video art has a versatility of its own. From electronic manipulation to video performance, from a slide show to a short film, video often has more in common with painting then it does with motion pictures, with film, as it addresses the sensory rather than the intellectual, the affective rather than the rational. It's not easy sometimes to define the subtle differences between video art and short film. The work by Ilaria Pezone ancora gravità (non interessante) is one of these elusive cases.

ancora gravità (still gravity). ©Illaria Pezzone

A series of visual and aural marks strung by a thread of a murmuring voice, poetically reminding of the eternal constants, the bonds that keep our lives together.

Born in Lecca, Lombardia, Ilaria Pezone teaches Techniques of Film Shooting at the Accademia di Brera, from which she graduated as a specialist in Cinema and Video. Since 2010, she has been working as an audio-video operator and editor in documentary production. Her filmography comprises both shorts (Leggerezze e gravità, 2008, 7'; Greisttmo, 2010, 8'; 1510 – sogno su carta impressa con video, 2013, 7'; Concerto Metafisico, 2015, 7'; Con lievi mani, 2017, 3’ ), medium (Masse Nella Geometria Rivelata Dello Spazio Tempo 2012, 22'; Andare Tornando A Rilievi Domestici, 2011, 25'; Polittico Preludio Adagio Altalenante, 2009, 30'; Ego etiam advenus, 2013, 25'; Vedere Tra 2014, 20') and feature films.

Her films were presented at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna on May 27, 2015, for a cycle of conferences organized by Piero Deggiovanni on the teaching of aesthetics of New Media, and at various film festivals. Illaria's work Con lievi mani (With the light hands) will be screened at the Ephemereye's Moving Silently exhibition.