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Eija Temisevä

Eija Temisevä is a Finnish artist, who had drifted from sculpture to video a few years ago. Superimposed, desaturated images, interlaced within themselves and with each other, create a poetic and reflective landscape that is both real and imaginary.

That single moment of existence when one is feeling intensely alive is built as a sculpture of light – flicker by flicker, shadow by shadow – into an inkling, a premonition, an organic communion with the environment which the artist negotiates and inhabits.

Eija calls her work video poems.

Near - Far Away. Digital video. ©Eija Temisevä

To go

towards a goal

Is it near

or far away

Water and rocks

grass and bridges

Which way do you choose

"I am a sculptor but in 2012-2013 I did not need concrete material any more: interested in light, sound, movement, time, I just started to make videos! I take footages of outer and inner observations and the atmosphere is most important. Most of my videos have music but some are silent, some have my own voice.

I have made videos with my sculpture, with "myself" as a performer and with nature. The connection between a human being and nature is important for me. In additions I am very interested in psychological and existential issues.I like to live in a very simple way. Make art of my memories and subjects that come by intuition.

To make videos is to be alive just now." - Eija Temisevä

Melancholy. Digital video. ©Eija Temisevä

"Melancholy is a sadness that lasts for a long period of time without any obvious reason.Monotonic state of mind.Outer and inner observations come and go like and endless film in one`s head.The obscure views inside a room glint and grass outdoors swings in the wind.If one tries to handle this feeling, it returns back like the falling ball of string in the video"