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Adrián Regnier

"I link art and science to the development of alternative research and production experimental strategies. I have experience [...] in the conceptualization of integral research systems for the articulation of the work as a model for the analysis of reality." - Adrián Regnier Chávez

U. ©Adrian Regnier, digital video, 2017-18

Subject 'U.' of La Fuga. - Days of days of days of days.

The half-life of Uranium-235 is roughly 700 million years, 255'500,000,000 days. The average human will live 70 years, 25,550 days.

Dystopian mindscapes of Adrian Regnier's work bring Chapman brothers' sensitivities to a new level of ever so nightmarish abstraction. Adrian's virtuosity with the medium and conceptual clarity make his work a powerful statement devoid of any ambiguity. His is not a retrospective of past transgressions of human society, but a sober and beautiful reality check on the existence of the human species.

Of his La Fuga series, with each piece titled by the letter of U was a part of the Moving Silently exhibition, curated and sponsored by EphemerEye and shown at the Niles Silent Film Museum in November of 2018.

Adrián Regnier Chávez studied Visual Arts at the National School of Sculpture, Painting and Engraving, 'La Esmeralda', in Mexico City. Since 2011, he has developed important work in the field of experimental video and animation.

He has expanded his practice since 2015, establishing himself worldwide as a pioneer of experimental animation for Virtual Reality (RV/VR). His work has been selected, exhibited and won awards at more than 180 festivals and national and international competitions of video art, cinema, animation, and contemporary art.

Adrián lives and works in Mexico City