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Yoon Suok-Won

The Value. Digital video. © Yoon Suok-Won.

Following the seemingly minimal linear narrative of Yoon Suok-Won's work quickly turns into an immersive experience. An inquisitive meandering paths of thoughts, feelings and reflections orchestrated into a gentle elegy of life. It is quintessentially representative of video as an art form where time based image and sound move in perfect unison. The Value touches upon numerous points and poses innumerable questions, while opening the artist's world to the viewer:

"Sometimes I have recorded a small part of my life on a dairy or a sketchbook. Although I experience diverse emotions and situations for one day, the length of recorded story on a dairy or a sketchbook is very short. However, I believe that the recorded story has heavy weight of life. The recorded story is about conflict with myself in my UK's life. I wanted to express conflict with myself in my inner for one day like a diary." - Yoon Suok-Won.

Yoon took part in our Moving Silently exhibition in November of 2018.

Ideological Latent. ©Yoon Suok-Won

Yoon Suok-Won lives and works in South Korea. He teaches at the of Kaywon University of Art & Design and exhibits internationally.