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Things We Wear Private View

Thank you all for making the show a success @Ralph Klewitz, @Susanna Sanroman, @Clair Bain, @Alfred Hernandes, Andrew Neil Hayes, Roland Wegerer, Benoit Maubrey, @Megan Leigh Hellig, Natalja Kondratova, @Elisabet Palomo Solà, @Chun-Yu Chen, India Roper-Evans, @Emma Roper-evans,@Benoit Maubrey, @In Dresses Veritas, @Avloni Academy of Music in Saratoga, CA.

Things We Wear, 2017. A video art exhibition curated and produced by Ephemereye, for the art and fashion event with In Dresses Veritas at the Avloni Academy of Music in Saratoga, CA.