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Featured Artist: Natalia Jezova

Natalia's piece 'Adagio in Blue' was selected for for our pilot project 'Things we Wear'. It will be shown in November during a collaborative event with In Dresses Veritas Fashion boutique in Campbell, CA.

To get acquainted with Natalia's aspirations and artistic research a few of her other works are being shwn on Ephemereye together with the artist's statement.

Empty ruined houses, splintered window frames, door-less rooms; a series of black and white shots set the scene for London-based Russian artist, Natalia Jezova’s video work ‘Swallow’. She trawls through empty villages in Greece, left long since in the aftermath of the civil war. Schoolrooms still have icons on the wall, an empty cradle on a table, ancient ash in a ruined stove, swallows nesting round an overhead lamp extinguished half a century ago. The ruined, cracked, sombre buildings contrast with the flickering, fluttering birds as they fly in and out of their windowless remains. Old Greek sayings, a folk song about a swallow flying in a blackened sky, set the scene for this meditation on loss and possible revitalization. A metaphor for 21st century Europe? Just waiting for those swallows... (introduction: Emma Roper-Evans)

© Natalia Jezova

Artist's Statement

Natalia’s philosophical inspiration is based on the concept of the collective memory. Her work tends to be multilayered and to have various encoded meanings using symbolisms of objects and colors. Most of Natalia’s projects have undercurrents of semantic meaning that invite the viewer to participate in ‘decoding’ the symbolic messages contained within her work. The subject matter of her work is founded on political and cultural issues experienced through the phenomenon of collective memory triggered by the objects. For the art projects Natalia uses her extensive collection that includes antique costumes, armoire, military uniforms, cameras, photographs, posters, accessories, toys, ritual objects, and crockery.

Natalia is always intrigued by the paradoxes of visual illusions and the tricks that our minds can play on us. Our eyes, hearts and brains never cease in their attempt to resolve the puzzle of the visual world. It fascinates her that on a micro as well as a global level the world is multi-layered and is never what it appears to be.

Please check back soon to read more about Jezova's recent work 'The Lady with Ermine'.