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November 18, 2018

"I link art and science to the development of alternative research and production experimental strategies. I have experience [...] in the conceptualization of integral research systems for the articulation of the work as a model for the analysis of reality." - Adrián R...

October 14, 2018

Finally, the time has come to announce the date of the show that has been in the works for a while. Moving silently show will be open at 7 PM PST at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum37417 Niles Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536.

Paying tribute to art and technology in the h...

August 5, 2018

"Art exists to detox life"

- Bill Viola

­The idea is not to become a ‘Museum of 100 Days', or even 1000 days; we aspire to be a perpetual museum of art as it is being born; not only for professional and dedicated artists, but also for people who were brave enough to vent...

August 5, 2018

We are happy to announce the list of artists whose work will be shown at the Essanay Silent Film Museum in Niles, CA.

We’ve had a very good response to Ephemereye Artist Call, with many excellent submissions, and we were hard pressed to narrow down the selection of arti...

July 22, 2018

Although the key word in ‘video art’ is 'video', there is no exhaustive list of possible applications of the medium, and its interactions with physical world.  Sandrine Deumier's work opens various topics of discussion, from application of modern technology in art to t...

July 17, 2018

Just as painting covers a multitude of genres and styles, without ceasing to be painting, video art has a versatility of its own. From electronic manipulation to video performance, from a slide show to a short film, video often has more in common with painting then it...

July 8, 2018

Fortunately, the innumerable attempts to classify art fail more often than not. Defining genres, media, social position of the artist, artistic movement, or historical context, may make for a good story, or an interesting critical exercise, or even a nearly scientific...

July 5, 2018

Eija Temisevä is a Finnish artist, who had drifted from sculpture to video a few years ago. Superimposed, desaturated images, interlaced within themselves and with each other, create a poetic and reflective landscape that is both real and imaginary.

That single mo...

June 28, 2018

Lorenzo Papanti is an artist working mainly in the field of video art. Black and white silent video seems to be a medium of choice. The split-screen technique emphasizes the investigative nature of his work.

Counter-imposed, mirrored, contrasted, point-of-view-chan...

June 24, 2018

Lydia Gyurina's use of the medium inevitably sends one back to the 1960s, when unique features of the hand-held camera defined the nature of viewers' experience: immediacy of videotape playback not available in other media.

The unassuming simplicity of the image sp...

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