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Plague and Locusts 2020. June.

Primer for Pandemic, © Nancy Wyllie, 2020 At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we published a call for artists, entitled 'Plague and Locusts 2020'. As we face a pandemic of über-Biblical proportions, together with the rise of right-wing politicians, loss and deterioration of progressive humanistic ideals, and climate change–related ecological crises, we find that creative reflection on the state of affairs and documentation of our time in history is as important as ever. This call is open to all until the end of the pandemic. We are hoping not to be prescriptive however, as some artists' practices are more intimate and less external, and society's turmoils affect everybody in a different w

Slobodan Trajković, artist and scholar. Three: On Moving Pictures.

Unveiling Face 2nd part, S. Trajković, 2012. Here, we wrap up our presentation of Slobodan Trajković's book Embodiment*, with the last of the three excerpts – On Moving Pictures: Just as our psychological and mental state is subject to constant changes, so the pictures that we create are subject to constant transition and transformation. Their development expresses a natural process of the evolution of our consciousness concerning the events that represent our intellect. And pictures that follow in succession express not only our subjectivity and experiential beings, but through imagination project our consciousness into new personal and social spaces, on the path to new insights and experi

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