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Persian Heritage for the World Show

September 26th, 2019 4.00 - Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Cambridge Moving image art screening. Free admission. Persian Heritage for the World is a title that implies movement, the underlying and intertwining motion of a culture spreading outwards. Almost as a metaphor for this, the medium selected for the art show celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies* is the moving image. A chamber nature of the exhibition has limited the amount of works to be shown at the live screening, but to keep the event open for more artists and a broader audience interested in the contemporary moving image art practice, some of the show spilled out to the virtual

Q&A with Maryam Farahzadi

In anticipation of the upcoming exhibition curated by Ephemereye in collaboration with the Pembroke Centre for Persian Studies we had briefly interviewed one of the participating artists Maryam Farahzadi. The Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary in 2019. As a part of Shahnameh Forever Series, the Centre will be hosting an art event: Shahnameh Forever 005: Persian Heritage for the World. The event will feature the work of artists inspired by the famous ancient and mediaeval literary and visual Persian Classics. Maryam Farahzadi is an award winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She holds MFA degree in Film & Animation major from Rochester Ins

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