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Trend or Metamorphosis

The shift that is happening in the art now is both predictable and predicted. In the search of new forms of expression and making, Digital has emerged as the medium of our time. Dismissed and patronised by the traditionalists as it may have been, it only had about 60 years of history. In the grand scheme of things this fact places it somewhere at its dawn comparing with the other forms. It is however a harbinder of the new world -- fluid, transient, fleeting and contemporary, the world that doesn't thrive on the fundamentals, but rather on mutability and adaptability. A moment. Or repurposing of such. Christian Marclay The Clock 10h15 Nuit Blanche théâtre de Chaillot. But contrary to the Goe

Where Arts Meet

A tribute to art and technology, early film, and contemporary video art, Moving Silently is a festival of ideas. How does technology assist in giving birth to new art forms? What is the connection between historical and contemporary moving images? Can video cameras, being as widely accessible as crayons, be the most democratic tool of art production of our time? These questions were posed in the free entry international call for artists with a few other conditions that determined the format of the show: a series of black and white silent video art shorts, with no limitation in theme or topic. Moving Silently. Empress Theatre July 20, 2019 Of all the submissions, twenty-five artists from arou

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