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Art and Technology

According to Sophie Atkinson writing for "Video art is often considered impenetrably abstract and far beyond the comprehension of everyday art-lovers," but is it really? And who are these proverbial art lovers? Is their world is changing or staying still? Is video art any more abstract than some other works of contemporary artists, or it varies just as much as any work of each and every artist in each and every genre? Video art is only about sixty years old, but from its early days it evolves together with technology. Just as oil painting opened the whole new era in painting technique, and photography slashed open the boundaries of art, video brings yet another set of instru

Empire II Video Installation in Oaxaca

Taking part in EMPIRE II multi-artist video project curated by Vanya Balogh was a two year journey through work, cities, and unexpected encounters. The exhibition stopped for the last showing at MACO, a Contemporary Art Museum in Oaxaca, Mexico. I arrived just in time to miss a performance by a Lukas Avendaño which, recounted by deeply touched friends and spectators, had seemingly captured the very spirit of Mexico. But only a week after the event could I understand the significance and the symbolism of this work. EMPIRE II, a series of short films and video work of over a hundred of international artists curated by Vanya Balogh has been launched two years ago in Brussels, then moved on to V

Save the date! Moving Silently 2019

Our show Moving Silently that premiered at The Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont, CA is being transferred to The Empress theatre in Vallejo, where it will take part in the Silent Film Series (launched in 2018) in July of 2019. More updates are coming soon. PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Adrian Regnier Chavez, Eija Temisevä, Ilaria Pezone, Lorenzo Papanti, Lydia Gyurina, Pierre Ajavon, Joanne Alvis, Crystel Egal, Yoon Suokwon, Anabela Costa, Andrew McDonald, Tony Buchen & Jeralyn Goodwin, Ann Grim, Gala Mirissa, Vanja Karas, India Roper-Evans, John Longenbaugh, Karolyn Schwab, Katherine Sweetman, Veronica Shimanovskaya, Marc Dixon & Dennis Gaines, Matteo Campulla, Mladen Stropnik, Natalia Jezov

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