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Sandrine Deumier

Although the key word in ‘video art’ is 'video', there is no exhaustive list of possible applications of the medium, and its interactions with physical world. Sandrine Deumier's work opens various topics of discussion, from application of modern technology in art to the very nature of art. Computer-generated 3D animation of female, androgynous, or robotic bodies triggers the brain, ever preoccupied with pattern creation, to find other visual and sensory points of reference: Hieronymus Bosch, fantasy computer games, and cybernetic eroticism. It also brings attention to the fact that a mere screen is not enough for showing modern media work, and this is yet another distinction that makes it s

Ilaria Pezone

Just as painting covers a multitude of genres and styles, without ceasing to be painting, video art has a versatility of its own. From electronic manipulation to video performance, from a slide show to a short film, video often has more in common with painting then it does with motion pictures, with film, as it addresses the sensory rather than the intellectual, the affective rather than the rational. It's not easy sometimes to define the subtle differences between video art and short film. The work by Ilaria Pezone ancora gravità (non interessante) is one of these elusive cases. ancora gravità (still gravity). ©Illaria Pezzone A series of visual and aural marks strung by a thread of a murmu

Pierre Ajavon

Fortunately, the innumerable attempts to classify art fail more often than not. Defining genres, media, social position of the artist, artistic movement, or historical context, may make for a good story, or an interesting critical exercise, or even a nearly scientific excursion, but it does very little to enhance the experience of being near, in, just there for 'that piece' that made an impression on you, pleased or annoyed you, or in other way affected your daily routine. It is easy to suspend all classification attempts when talking about multi-discipline artists, whose work transcends traditional genre and media boundaries, even postmodern sensibilities, and becomes a pure exploration of

Eija Temisevä

Eija Temisevä is a Finnish artist, who had drifted from sculpture to video a few years ago. Superimposed, desaturated images, interlaced within themselves and with each other, create a poetic and reflective landscape that is both real and imaginary. That single moment of existence when one is feeling intensely alive is built as a sculpture of light – flicker by flicker, shadow by shadow – into an inkling, a premonition, an organic communion with the environment which the artist negotiates and inhabits. Eija calls her work video poems. Near - Far Away. Digital video. ©Eija Temisevä To go towards a goal Is it near or far away Water and rocks grass and bridges Which way do you choose "I am a

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