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Lorenzo Papanti

Lorenzo Papanti is an artist working mainly in the field of video art. Black and white silent video seems to be a medium of choice. The split-screen technique emphasizes the investigative nature of his work. Counter-imposed, mirrored, contrasted, point-of-view-changed, performance of body and the body parts form the surreality of Lorenzo's creative world. It tells the stories of fragmentation, complexity, and unlikely relationships. There is an opinion supported by some artists like Marina Abramović, that the "only way of expression is to perform"*, but is a life performance is different from a recorded one? For the artist? For the viewer? And what happens if only a part of artist's body in

Lydia Gyurina

Lydia Gyurina's use of the medium inevitably sends one back to the 1960s, when unique features of the hand-held camera defined the nature of viewers' experience: immediacy of videotape playback not available in other media. The unassuming simplicity of the image speaks of this immediacy. There is something strangely mesmerizing about watching a girl scaling the border of the pond, and having a random awkward interaction with wild geese. Watching along, all the seemingly unrelated reflections develop into a feeling of implication, but in what exactly? Geese. Digital video, 2018. © Lydia Gyurina. According to Lydia's artist statement, she is interested in the Jungian concept of “people's psych

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