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State of the Art

Above: Enter. Stage left. VA Shimanovskaya 2016 The reason I've decided to post this article first published in 2015 in NoBarking aRt magazine's issue entitles Senses and Desires is that if things have changed since then, they haven't changed for the better. If anything, they haven't changed at all. The discourse is still steeped in the 20th century postmodern constructions and deconstructions, semi-socialist and other utopias. The wash-water is flowing abundantly, but where is the baby? Surely, these swiping generalizations would require a deeper dive into the particulars, but, for the time being, this gallery or visual art depository is being launched to capture and enumerate the instances

The art of Close-Up

Posting video art, performance and short film related topics is a regular feature of this blog. Please come, watch, and share, and if you like to post something here, or become our regular contributor, please drop us a line. We are happy to hear from you any time. The border between video art and film is mercifully blurry, so what's good for film maker, can be also good for a video artist... or not. Nevertheless, enjoy a short narrative film by David Chen.

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