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Ephemereye [ephemerˈaɪ] is founded in 2017 as a constantly updating video art gallery where artists can showcase their work in the natural frame of computer screen, and connect with others via Ephemereye Social. Where professional and aspiring, critics, venues, and collectors alike can engage in the contemporary discourse, and enjoy video-art-related news from around the globe. Our mission is to promote video art and open it to the public at large through shows and exhibitions in the off the beaten track venues. We are currently working on portfolio/gallery features and planning to launch a marketplace in 2022.


Subscribe to Ephemereye News Letter, create a free account and start sharing your work with the world. Member pages are coming soon. Check back often, and don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with your comments and questions. If you want to participate in our projects, please learn more in our Call for Artists section, and submit your work. We look forward to working together.

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