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Featured: Magdalena Papanikolopoulou

Dr Magdalena Papanikolopoulou is a Greek performance artist and a lecturer in Fine Art.


"Working with symbols during the period 2011- 2015, I chose to give life to certain symbols specifically to the letters of the Greek alphabet. One of the outstanding letters of the Greek language is the letter 'Θ' because of its uniqueness in the sound, shape as well as the subconscious energies - historical (ancient Greek) and religious connections...

Lost & Found, Magdalena Papanikolopoulou, 2014

Plague and Locusts 2020.


Nancy Wyllie.

Trained as a painter, my work became extremely narrative as it matured. I remember being asked more than once if making films was something I would pursue. After completing a Master’s at RISD and Tulane University, I moved to SoHo where I continued my studio practice while doing coursework in film at NYU. I worked as an Art Director on a couple B films right out of film school and then began teaching college level art & design courses at Ithaca College. After teaching in Providence for many years, I went back to RISD to retrain in digital media...

© Nancy Wyllie Courtesy of the artist.

Plague and Locusts 2020.


Eija Temisevä.

I am a Finnish sculptor who started to make videos 2013 after teaching sculpture for 26 years. I am a self educated video artist. Now I get a little pension and live a modest life nearly in the countryside in southern Finland. I love Nature and small observations around me. I am interested also in psychological and existential themes. Corona time has not had a big influence on my life and work ...

And suddenly - all changes, Eija Temisevä. 2020.


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