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Featured: Terry Flaxton, Part II

British artist Terry Flaxton works primarily with durational forms of the digital including sound, video, print and installation. Widely recognised as an artist who creates moving image work which is bold and challenging in technique, structure and content, the journey his work has taken charts important moments in the history of video art. Terry's work Cloud Sculptures Over the Atacama Desert is currently being offered as a virtual gift: If you're interested in virtually owning this piece as a courtesy of the artist...

Prisoners, Terry Flaxton, 1984

Plague and Locusts 2020.


Pierre Ajavon.

Pierre Ajavon is a visual artist, composer & musician. He lives in Paris and exhibits internationally. After sociology studies focused on psychedelic culture, he embarked on a long musical journey as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He moved into video art when he saw the possibility of bringing the sound and moving image together. He specialized in researching sound visualizing via Pop imagery. Mixing electronic music, psychedelic rock and field recording for his musical research. Intending to “film sound” and transform it into pictures, his approach strive to hinge his musical thought on postmodern visual aesthetics which draw its references both on psychoanalysis (dream and subconscious) ...

© Pierre Ajavon Courtesy of the artist.

Plague and Locusts 2020.


Katherine Sweetman.

Answering our questions, Katherine Sweetman shares her thoughts on current creative climate, her inspirations and plans, and showing her work that she submitted to Ephemereye Plague and Locusts 2020 virtual show.

"Today, I tend to classify myself as an artist, content creator, and/or documentary filmmaker. About a decade ago I was on some kind of academic-intellectual track, but I was distracted by ...

Weird, Katherine Sweetman. 2020.


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