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Featured: Terry Flaxton, Part I

As a part of our Featured Artist series we present Terry Flaxton's work and a short essay on digital art, quantum technologies and climate change. The essay, titled We are the Borg, explores the role digital technology and artists working with digital media are likely to play in the future. 

"With global catastrophe announced by the earth itself with the recent and continuing wildfires in Australia, with huge swathes of nature decimated and half a billion animals extinguished – how can art and human culture remain relevant and responsive..."

The World Within Us, © Terry Flaxton, 1988

Plague and Locusts 2020. July-August. Featured Artists: Henry Woods.

Based in London, Henry Woods has found a deep interest in Video Art within the past year. She is a graduate of Ravensbourne University where she studied Digital Film Production. In her artist statement Woods explains her underlying sentiment: "‘Echoes of Difficult Conversations During Lockdown’ is an art film exploring my own relationships with others. Lockdown has forced me to take a step back and see what my relationships with people look like from afar. With a combination of recordings of reenacted conversations and...

© Henry Woods. Courtesy of the artist.

Plague and Locusts 2020. August. Featured artist: Dmitrii Kilaga

Exhibiting artist Dmitrii Kilaga lives and works in Murmansk – a city in northwestern Russia, above the Polar Circle at the end of a deep bay off the Barents sea. He is a painter and videographer. He began to work with video in 2018. Asked to describe his journey he said: “The main reasons and things that drive me to create were always alienation between my personality and society, and tabu for words to express my point of view, and...

© Dmitrii Kilaga. Courtesy of the artist.


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