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Slobodan Trajković,

artist and scholar.

Three: On Moving Pictures.

Introducing Slobodan Trajković, artist and scholar, who had began his career in the late 1970s. Trajković exhibits internationally, and works and lives in London and Belgrade. Here we offer some excerpts from his book Embodiment*, and will feature three chapters from his book that are most relevant to our topic — moving image. 

Unveiling Face 2nd part (Courtesy of the artist)

Copyright © 2017 by Slobodan Trajković

Aino Väinö project, Jude Cowan Montague and Riitta Hakkarainen.

Memory and Landscape

As Ephemereye is dedicated to moving image, we rarely branch off into talking about shows that are not. The upcoming exhibition of Baltica! group’s Memory and Landscape at the Old Biscuit Factory opens on 23 January 2020 in London, and will stay on until the 28th. It will include a multitude of work from painting to video installation and performance, and is curated around a particular geography -- the Baltics. 


As diverse a group of artists as the countries of the Baltic Rim are being brought together by another artist, Jude Cowan Montague, for a group exhibition.

All of them have something in common: a connection or an inspiration that has come from the region. Artists from Estonia, Lithuania, Finland...

The King of Black, Shoya Azari.

Persian Heritage to the World. Now virtual.

Persian Heritage for the World is a title that implies movement, the underlying and intertwining motion of a culture spreading outwards. Almost as a metaphor for this, the medium selected for the art show celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies* was moving image. A chamber nature of the exhibition has limited the amount of works to be shown at the live screening, but to keep the event open for more artists and a broader audience interested in the contemporary moving image art practices, some of the show spilled out to the virtual space of Ephemereye gallery...


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