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Plague and Locusts 2020 :

Carlotta Storelli [January 2021]

International and interdisciplinary artist, she studies theater, dance and art. She is dedicated to interdisciplinary language research as an interpreter, choreographer and pedagogue. Born in Switzerland on April 4, 1990, in the city of Locarno where she receives her baccalaureate at the CSIA school. After graduating she moved to Spain where she studied interpretation at the Higher School of Arts and TAI.

At the same time, she was trained in the body language diploma. at the LabanianoCenter ALFA...

Air Prohibido, Carlotta Storelli. 2020.

Plague and Locusts 2020:

Nicolas Gergoen [January 2021]

In conversation with Nicholas Gergoen, we asked the artist to share with us his thoughts on how the Pandemic of 2020 is influencing his life and work.

E: Please tell us about yourself, your art practice and life in normal times.

NG: My name is Nicholas Goergen and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated from Arizona State University with a BFA in Intermedia Art. During my undergraduate degree I developed a keen interest in digital media, particularly video, and the rest is history. I have been operating in Arizona as a Video Artist for the past 6 years...

Honey I'm Home, Nicholas Goergen. 2020.

Plague and Locusts 2020.

David Cohn [January 2021]

My video art practice has always been a way for me to organize my thoughts – specifically those thoughts that feel as if they don’t belong in any real worldly dialogue. They are not thoughts I would normally express in conversation with others, but instead are what I might say to a stranger in a dream, knowing that they may be any combination of myself, anyone, and everyone.

The character I perform within my videos is myself, but a sort of projected, generic version of myself...

Consciousness Economy, David Cohn. 2020.


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