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Moving Silently. 

5:30pm, November 10th, 2019 at Victoria Theatre in

San Francisco

A new version of our show Moving Silently will be screened at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco. The show premiered in the historical Essanay Silent Film Museum – where Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp films were produced – and the silent films program is on weekly. accompaniment was provided by a single pianist, Judy Rosenberg, who rose to the challenge and contemporaneously responded to the unknown visuals with a brilliant set of musical vignettes This time the show is presented as a double bill with a digitally re-mastered Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927), accompanied by Richard Marriott's Club Foot Orchestra. 

Con lievi mani, Ilaria Pezone.

The Essaney Film Museum, 2018.

The King of Black, Shoya Azari.

Persian Heritage for the World


Persian Heritage for the World is a title that implies movement, the underlying and intertwining motion of a culture spreading outwards. Almost as a metaphor for this, the medium selected for the art show celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies* is the moving image. A chamber nature of the exhibition has limited the amount of works to be shown at the live screening, but to keep the event open for more artists and a broader audience interested in the contemporary moving image art practices, some of the show spilled out to the virtual space of Ephemereye gallery...

The Role of each Fret. Maryam Farahzadi.

Q&A with Maryam Farahzadi

In anticipation of the upcoming exhibition curated by Ephemereye in collaboration with the Pembroke Centre for Persian Studies we had a brief interview with on of the participating artists Maryam Farahzadi. The Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary in 2019. As a part of Shahnameh Forever Series, the Centre will be hosting ...


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